Markus Hertlein

A summiteer on the bike – and at work.
Markus may not be the tallest – but in
terms of training and diagnostics he is
simply top of the class.

Markus Hertlein loves steep ascends! Whether short or long, as soon as the road points upwards he – small but powerful – shows what he is capable of: meter of altitude by meter of altitude. He already finished 12th in the 2017 Ötztal Cycling Marathon and 5th in the Glocknerkönig bike event.

During a two-semester long study trip to the north of Germany, Markus quickly noticed that he clearly prefers the mountains to the headwind on the dike. So, he went to Salzburg, Austria, to study sports and exercise science with a focus on competitive sports. The passionate amateur cyclist also worked as a research assistant at the University of Salzburg, took part in endurance sports projects at the Salzburg-Rif Olympic base and was an intern at the Thuringian Cycling Federation. And yet he still found the time for his bachelor’s and, in 2019, his master’s thesis. By the way, he received top marks for both of them – which is typical of a summiteer.

It goes without saying that we could use someone who already wrote scientifically about the “Influence of Different Seat Heights on Cycling Efficiency”. It was also clear that Markus would love the HYCYS location in Munich – with the Alps almost on his doorstep. Especially since he also has a perfect team here cooperating in the areas of training planning and diagnostics. So, things are not only looking up for his athletes, but he is looking (and riding) up to some great mountains, too. The sky is the limit, Markus!

Markus – in brief

Team member since: 2019

To be found in: Munich

Focus: Coaching and performance diagnostics

If you too want to rise above yourself, Markus can certainly help you. Your goals are his motivation!

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