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Running shoes on, world off. There is a reason why running is one of the most popular sports. Whether untiringly on ultra-distances and as fast as an arrow on short distances, whether on the track, on trails or small paths. Once you have started running, you’ll know about the fascination and the ambition to discover new paths and to achieve new personal bests.

Whether marathon runner or sprinter: HYCYS offers runners a service portfolio consisting of training planning and support as well as performance diagnostics, which is scientifically based and developed and carried out according to the best methodical standards. And which is also individually tailored to the goals of our athletes and their life situations.


For us, coaching is much more than creating of training plans. We plan every single training unit very precisely according to the physiological strengths and weaknesses of our athletes and their individual living environments. Together we structure race preparation and develop and test the optimal pacing and nutrition strategy. In doing so, we always have the goals of our athletes in mind.

In our holistic coaching we can draw on numerous experiences in running with professionals and amateurs. And we also offer our runners a network of experts of all kinds, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and nutritionists, for optimal training support.

We offer our athletes different service packages for their individual needs – with and, if desired, without performance diagnostics.

You would like us to accompany you on the way to your next athletic highlight?We are happy to help.

Performance Diagnostics

The world of performance diagnostics in endurance sports has changed continuously throughout the last decades. As one of only a few institutes overall we include the maximal lactate production rate (VLamax) not only in the analysis of physiological performance, but also integrate it into the continuous training process. And to this day we’ve continued to refine our method – always on the pulse of science.

Our performance diagnostics for runners determine numerous parameters of the energy metabolism as well as individual strengths and weaknesses. To achieve a sustainable enhancement of performance, we analyze performance-determining factors such as our athletes’ anaerobic threshold, running economy and fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Whether as an integral part of our training support or as an individual service: with our performance diagnostics every runner can determine his or her performance profile and training zones.

You also want to know what finish times are possible in your next race and check your current physical condition? We can answer this questions.


Do you have questions about our services or are you looking for individual advice? Don’t hesitate.