Fancy a new bike? We’ll find the perfect fit for you!

Are you thinking about buying a new bike soon? If so, we’ve got the perfect offer for you!

You and your new bike should feel like an entity right from the start. Our bike consultation is made to find the perfect bike for you, including the right geometry and size – depending on your requirements and your personal preconditions.

In a one-hour appointment we’ll provide a precise statement about which bike is your perfect fit, based on our experience from numerous bike fittings at our locations in Cologne, Hamburg and Munich.

We are not limited to certain brands, dealers or frame sizes, but will give you completely independent advice.

In addition to mere bike consultation on the way to your dream bike, you’ll also have the opportunity to make a bike fitting appointment for your new bike at a special price.

Please read on for an overview of our bike consultation’s procedure and contents:

  • Precise analysis of your requirements and wishes for your dream bike
  • Exact measurement of your body proportions
  • Mobility check
  • Selection of bikes from an extensive database
  • Concrete model and size suggestions
  • Tips for the contact points saddle, handlebars and shoes
  • Report by email
  • Duration: approx. 1 hour
  • Price: 159€
  • 15% discount on booking both bike consultation and bike fitting:
    • + Bike fitting Cycling ADVANCED from 428€ to 359€
    • + Bike fitting Cycling PRO from 488€ to 410€
    • + Bike fitting Triathlon ADVANCED from 458€ to 389€
    • + Bike fitting Triathlon PRO from 518€ to 439€

Book your bike consultation or your combined offer including bike fitting now!

BikeBeratung für den Rad-Kauf

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