Patrick Marseille

Patrick loves hands-on stuff. And he has
the best plan – for each of our athletes.
With science, experience and excellent

Patrick Marseille made himself his (first) research project: As a competitive athlete in road and track cycling, he has been able to feel at first hand which factors influence his performance and how they do. No surprise that this topic fascinates him – and does not let go of him anymore.

But Patrick does not only know from his own experience how important a structured, individually tailored training approach is to fully exploit one’s own potential, but also gathered some solid theoretical knowledge on it. In order to support his practical experience with the latest knowledge in sports science, he not only acquired a fitness trainer license, but also worked as a trainer in amateur sports and studied sports science at the Technical University of Munich. His bachelor’s thesis has the impressive title “Choking under Pressure – the Influence of Pressure-Related Attention Processes and Position Orientation on the Performance of Automated Movement Sequences” – and was given a straight A.

Since 2017 Patrick has been a member of the Munich HYCYS team, where he writes the training plans of our athletes according to the latest scientific findings. And to ensure that he continues to represent the state of the art in athletic training, training control and performance diagnostics, our expert is currently writing his master’s thesis in “Sport and Exercise Science”. Pretty admirable, Patrick!

Patrick – in brief

Team member since: 2017

To be found in: Munich

Focus: Coaching and performance diagnostics

The next race is in sight? Or a new personal record on the home track in planning? Patrick helps you to reach every goal.

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