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Triathlon is much more than the legendary long-distance race on Hawaii. Whether on sprint and Olympic, medium or long distance: this sport is as fascinating as no other. And it demands everything from the athletes. Only if the training of all three disciplines is perfectly coordinated, performance can be enhanced in the long run and above all, in a sustainably healthy way – no matter whether professional or age group athlete.

HYCYS offers triathletes an individual, holistically interconnected service portfolio of training support, bike fitting, aero fitting and performance diagnostics, scientifically based and according to the best methodical standards.

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For us, coaching is much more than creating training plans. We plan every single training unit very precisely according to the physiological strengths and weaknesses of our athletes and their individual living environments. Together we structure race preparation and develop and test the optimal pacing and nutrition strategy. In doing so, we always have the goals of our athletes in mind. It is not always about setting a new personal best in races.

In our holistic coaching, we can draw on numerous experiences in triathlon with professionals and age-group athletes. And we also offer our triathletes a network of experts of all kinds, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and nutritionists, for optimal training support.

You would like us to accompany you on the way to your next athletic highlight? We are happy to help.

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The interaction between athlete, bike and equipment must be optimal in order to bring performance to the road. A comfortable and pain-free sitting position on the bike is not to be underestimated, especially during long-distance races.

In our gebioMized concept-labs in Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and Bad Wörishofen (Allgäu area) we optimize our athletes’ sitting position. This is preceded by a check-up of the bodily physique, followed by a step-by-step optimization by means of motion analysis thanks to a state-of-the-art video procedure in combination with pressure measurements at the contact points saddle, foot and arm pads.

We have four different fitting offers with different focus areas for our cyclists – for beginners up to our PRE-AERO fitting as ideal preparation for an AeroFitting in the wind tunnel THE AEROW  (opening April 2024)

You also want to optimize your position on the bike? We are happy to help!

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Performance Diagnostics

The world of performance diagnostics in endurance sports has changed continuously throughout the last decades. As one of only a few institutes overall we include the maximal lactate production rate (VLamax) not only in the analysis of physiological performance, but also integrate it into the continuous training process. And to this day we’ve continued to refine our method – always on the pulse of science.

Our performance diagnostics for triathletes determine numerous parameters of the energy metabolism as well as individual strengths and weaknesses. To achieve a sustainable enhancement of performance, we analyze performance-determining factors such as our athletes’ anaerobic threshold, running economy and fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

With our performance diagnostics every athlete can determine his personal physiological profile, detect the training zones and reveal the individual potentials for training.

You also want to know what you are capable of and check your current physical condition? We can offer support.

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Aero is everything! In order to further minimize air resistance and to get even more performance out of the sitting position in interaction with the equipment we will offer aero fittings for professional and amateur riders in our new wind tunnel THE AEROW (start April 2024).

In several test runs we analyze the individual biomechanical and aerodynamic properties in order to exploit the full aero potential step by step – always in combination with stability in the saddle and comfort on the bike. Testing with different parts and pieces of equipment is also possible there. We always have a selection of the fastest equipment on site.

Whether all-inclusive package with preceding BikeFitting in the laboratory, the individual aero fitting or an equipment test in the wind tunnel THE AEROW: we have suitable offers for all demands.

Exciting weeks and months are ahead for this project. Of course we will keep you informed and give you updates about our project.

If you have any questions or comments about the project, please feel free to contact us at office@hycys.de.

For a further insights into the project, please visit our wind tunnel website and register for the newsletter!

You want to further optimize your aero position or find the perfect setup? We’d love to help.


Do you have questions about our services or are you looking for individual advice? Don’t hesitate.

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