Egan Bernal

A man who wrote cycling history. In 2019, Egan
won the Tour de France – as the first Colombian
and one of the youngest riders ever.

Team Ineos is one of the best cycling teams in the world and offers talents like Egan Bernal a sporting home. We, too, have already had the honor to contribute to the “marginal gains” of the pro cycling team. “We are always looking for ways to further improve and develop in order to guarantee our riders the best conditions for both training and racing,” says Carsten Jeppesen, head of technical operations of team Ineos.

This is why we first went to the fitting laboratory for our pre-aero fitting with cycling pro Egan Bernal, and then further optimized his position on the bike together with our partners at gebioMized’s at Büttgen velodrome: after the position analysis, we gradually changed smallest details to get the maximum out of saddle stability, air resistance and power optimization. Successfully so – as this exceptional talent impressively proves!

Egan – Overview

Sports:professional cyclist and 2019 Tour de France winner

Services: BikeFitting, AeroFitting

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