Florian Gauer

Are four bikes in the basement too much?
According to Florian, definitely not. The
cycling enthusiastic sports scientist fits
the bikes of our athletes in Cologne.

Florian is the right person to turn to for anyone who is afraid of losing training motivation. The Frankfurt native, who emigrated to Cologne, completed his bachelor’s degree in “Sport and Performance, Focus on Triathlon and Swimming” at the Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln (German Sport University in Cologne) with a thesis on “Motivation in Sport and How it Changes over Time”.

A topic that doesn’t seem to directly affect Flo, who helps athletes find their ideal riding position on their bikes as a bike fitter at our Cologne location. In addition to his bachelor’s degree, he holds a triathlon C coaching licence and a fitness B coaching licence.

A cycling enthusiast from an early age, he was drawn to ball sports such as American football and soccer for some time before taking up swimming in a club and running during his time at university. By doing so, he laid the foundation for, exactly, triathlon competitions. Florian competes in sprint to middle-distance races, and he is considering taking part in the long-distance race in his hometown Frankfurt.

He also participates in running competitions ranging from ten kilometres to marathons, and when he’s not busy crossing the Grand Canyon on foot or hiking through Sweden for a fortnight with almost no food, he’s trying to convince his family that there absolutely need to be four bikes in the basement.

Florian – in brief

Team member since: 2022

To be found in: Cologne

Focus: BikeFitting

Are you looking for a top-level BikeFitter? Florian is the right one!

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