Daniela Bleymehl

It is impossible to imagine the world’s elite without
her. An athlete with real fighting spirit, who can
show her full strength impressively on the bike!

After Daniela Bleymehl gained her first sporting experience in swimming, her heart has been beating for triathlon since 2002. Her achievements have been impressive so far: She won the long distance races Ironman Italy (2018), Hamburg (2017) and Mallorca (2015). The biggest success of her career so far was the heart-beat final at 2018 Challenge Roth, where she won with only 9 seconds ahead of Lucy Charles. Even more impressive is her will to constantly develop further and improve. No standstill – always further.

Since 2017, we have had the honor to be part of this success story and have been working closely with her at all levels. Daniela trains very independently and with the help of our Today’s Plan, she can document the training process precisely in order to receive constant, high-quality feedback. Thanks to a joint, long-lasting fitting process, we were able to stabilize her bike position and give her the necessary comfort for long distances – and her aerodynamics have improved by about 15% due to the joint work, too.

“It is important to me to keep improving. The regular contribute to this and provide me with a lot of useful data for training. In addition, the joint work in the velodrome has already paid off in terms of seating position and aerodynamics. My position on the bike is more stable, more comfortable and at the same time measurably more aerodynamic.”

Daniela – Overview

Sports: professional triathlete

Cooperation: performance diagnostics, bike fitting, aero fitting

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