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Aero is everything! In order to further minimize air resistance and to get even more performance out of the sitting position in interaction with the equipment we offer aero fittings for professional and amateur riders in the wind tunnel THE AEROW.

In several test runs we analyze the individual biomechanical and aerodynamic properties in order to exploit the full aero potential step by step – always in combination with stability in the saddle and comfort on the bike. Testing with different parts and pieces of equipment is also possible. We always have a selection of the fastest equipment on site.

Whether all-inclusive package with preceding BikeFitting in the laboratory, the individual aero fitting or an equipment test in the wind tunnel THE AEROW: we have suitable offers for all demands.

You want to further optimize your aero position or find the perfect setup? We’d love to help.


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    These are always subject to agreement. Feel free to contact us and we will inform you about it.

    Yes, absolutely. We optimise your position directly on your bike, so you won’t need to do any adjustment work yourself.

    Very important: Please retighten the screws after about 100 kilometres of riding.