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For us, coaching is much more than creating training plans. We plan every single training session very precisely according to the physiological strengths and weaknesses of our athletes and their individual living environments. Together we structure race preparation and develop and test the optimal pacing and nutrition strategy. In doing so, we always have the goals of our athletes in mind.

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    All our coaches are graduated sports scientists, so that their professional qualifications and expertise are comparable and at a high level. When assigning your personal coach to you, we will also consider the following factors:

    Your endurance discipline and your sporting focus, your personal needs, and our capacities. We always try to select the best coach for you from our team!

    Send us a message via the contact form below or contact us via our contact page. Before you start a coaching, we will advise you individually and show you the next steps. If you decide to book a coaching with us, we will take care of the formalities as soon as possible in order to get you started promptly.

    You may book coaching packages for cycling, triathlon and running. These packages are available in three different versions (WHITE, BLUE & GOLD) and with three different durations (6, 12 and 24 months).

    Please feel free to ask our coaches in advance for advice on which package fits your needs best.

    A detailed overview about all prices of our coaching packages can be found here (*monthly fee):

    HYCYS Coaching QuickView EN

    In addition to our coaching sessions, you can of course also make use of our performance diagnostics offers at our locations in Cologne, Hamburg, and Munich. Alternatively, we also offer our AI diagnostics for cycling, which you can integrate into your training – indoors or outdoors.

    Depending on the coaching package, you will receive a permanent discount on our performance diagnostics and AI diagnostics.

    In general, knowing your physiological profile, finding out about your strengths and weaknesses, and precisely determining your performance capacities and training zones enables your coach to work with you even more effectively and precisely. However, performance diagnostics are not a must, so please feel free to discuss their purpose and benefits with your coach at any time.

    Initially your coaching will run for 6, 12 or 24 months. After this period, you may terminate the contract on a monthly basis.

    Your coach will include in your training plan all aspects he or she wants to consider for training: the time available, your goals as well as your strengths and potentials. You will determine these prerequisites for your training plan together in a one-on-one conversation.

    Your coach will create an account for you on our training platform Trainingpeaks, through which you will get access to your training plan, too.

    The training platform is compatible with various devices (Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto, SRM, etc.) and Zwift. Thus, it is also possible to upload your training sessions to your devices for improved training control.

    Your training data is also analysed on the training platform and evaluations can be created. Communication between you and your coach takes place via messages and training feedback on the platform.

    Much of the communication takes place through our training platform Trainingpeaks. There you can give feedback on each training session, and you’ll receive feedback from your coach. Depending on the coaching package, you will also have regular telephone contact with your coach to discuss your training and pressing questions in detail.

    Apart from your sports equipment, you don’t need much. It is enough to enjoy training and accept getting help structuring it. Your goals and requirements may well be very individual or specific. With our experience from amateur and professional sports, in cycling, triathlon and running, you will always be well looked after.

    Whether you train for 4 or 25 hours a week, a structured plan will help you to achieve your sporting goals effectively and efficiently.

    In most cases, training is planned 1 to 4 weeks in advance. It depends on what your everyday life looks like at the respective point in time: when daily tasks and routines are perfectly plannable, your training plan will probably cover the upcoming 4 weeks. If every week looks different, we will plan your training on a weekly basis – individually and tailored to your needs.

    The greatest added value compared to BLUE coaching is the increased scope of support and the extra time that your coach can take for you. The additional time gives your coach the opportunity to dive even deeper into your training analysis, to plan your training in more detail and to be in close contact with you. This way, physiological adjustments can be made in a more targeted manner, nutrition can be given a very close look at and weaknesses in athletic training can be eliminated.

    In addition, we always keep a certain contingent of performance diagnostics appointments clear for our GOLD athletes.

    Furthermore, our GOLD packages offer the biggest discounts on our performance diagnostics and AI diagnostics.

    Good coaching always includes nutrition guidelines for training and competitions. If nutrition is not considered, potentials in performance development will be left unused.

    When it comes to individual nutrition, transfer of knowledge is our go-to option. You won’t receive standardized instructions or plans from us, instead we will provide you with the knowledge you need to optimise your nutrition for training, competition and in everyday life.

    The more specific training gets, the more specific the instructions become, e.g., a note in the training plan to reduce carbohydrates for certain training sessions. We also discuss race nutrition with you very specifically and you will receive precise information on energy and fluid intake, macronutrients, etc.

    Of course, we hope that this will never be the case and that you will stay healthy and injury-free throughout the season. However, if you are sick or injured for a longer period of time you can pause your coaching. If a doctor’s certificate confirms that you need to pause for 4 weeks or longer, your coaching will be suspended until you are healthy again.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to coach you from the poolside. You will receive your swimming programme with all the important instructions through our training platform Trainingpeaks. Of course, your coach will always be available for advice – especially on how to manage the swim load, and how to fit this discipline into your overall training context.

    However, if possible, it usually makes sense to attend a guided club training session at regular intervals to get direct feedback from a swim coach.

    Our podcast “Junkmiles” (in German) covers various topics around training, nutrition etc. You will find the podcast on all common podcast platforms.

    In addition, our blog covers interesting training topics, race analyses and experience reports.

    The prices of our coaching sessions are monthly prices including VAT. You will be invoiced conveniently via a monthly direct debit on the 10th of each month.

    If your bank is not connected to the SEPA system, we’ll use Stripe for the monthly direct debit.