Simon Bäcker

Simon is not only highly educated in
training science, he is also a really strong
runner himself. Perfect requirements
for a HYCYS coach!

Simon takes care of the coaching and diagnostics of our athletes at our Hamburg location. In doing so, he can draw on a wealth of knowledge. Simon completed both his bachelor’s and master’s degree in sports science at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel with theses on endurance sports, i.e., on “Periodisation Models in Endurance Sports” and on “The Influence of Endurance Performance on Vascular Health”.

He also proudly holds various C licence coaching certificates, including one in track and field, as well as B rehabilitation licences in the fields of orthopaedics and internal medicine.

In his free time, Simon lives up to his surname (Bäcker translates baker): Our coach and diagnostician loves hanging out in cafés with a piece of pastry and an espresso. These cafés are preferably located in Hamburg (in which case the pastry is a so-called Franzbrötchen) or in Portugal (in which case it is pastel de nata).

In Portugal, and also in Denmark, Simon likes to go surfing. But this sport is just as much for fun and feeding his soul as cycling and open-water swimming. Our Hamburg-based coach’s main discipline is running. He is particularly fond of running 5,000 metres and ten kilometres and is close to achieving his goal of running ten kilometres in less than 30 minutes. We think: With a current personal best of 30:34 minutes, we will soon have to update this text – and we would love nothing more than that.

Simon – in brief

Team member since: 2022

To be found in: Hamburg

Focus: Coaching and performance diagnostics

Would you like to benefit from Simon’s expertise and experience? He is looking forward to meeting you!

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