Niklas Lehnen

Well, he fits in nicely: Niklas makes sure
that bikers and triathletes sit extremely
well and very dynamically on their saddles.
Good for training rides, ideal for victories.

Nothing escapes Niklas’ eagle eye. He is an expert in bike fitting and coaching – and since 2017, he has made sure that our athletes are able to apply some real power on the pedals at the HYCYS location in Cologne.

Niklas has a master’s degree in Sports Science – obtained from the elite institution of German Sport University Cologne. Originally, he had a ball sports background: He played tennis as well as soccer and coached several tennis players during his studies. His studies then led him to endurance sports, strength and athletic training. He completed his bachelor’s degree with a focus on “Sport and Performance”, and his master’s degree in “Science & Coaching” was about high-intensity interval training – especially about research on simultaneous electrostimulation during endurance training. Niklas was already an intern at our company at that time, but after his studies he went to Berlin to coach endurance athletes and to position them on their bikes in the best possible way. Now he is happily back home in the Rhineland region – and not only shows what he’s made of in the HYCYS laboratory, but also at the starting line of some local amateur races. Fit, fitter, Niklas!

Niklas – in brief

Team member since: 2017

To be found in: Cologne

Focus: BikeFitting and coaching

Would you like to have your wheel position checked? Or are you looking for a coach who will make you fit for your next goals? Niklas is exactly your man!

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