Dominik Lenz

Dominik’s domain is bike fitting – and he has
fun doing it: The man with a thousand talents
is an athlete, a tinkerer and a theoretician in
one person.

Dominik Lenz is a real all-purpose weapon: The trained sports and fitness administrator and fitness trainer with a “B license” already had two years of coaching experience before he put the icing of theoretical know-how on the cake of practical experience by studying “Sports Equipment Technology”.

After three years, Dominik completed his studies, a mix of biomechanics, medicine and training theory with classic engineering fields such as physics, electrical engineering and computer science, with two bachelor’s theses: Firstly, he dealt with the “Aerodynamics of Road Bike Wheels” and secondly, he developed an adapter to upgrade a brake tester for testing road bike disc brakes. Before joining us, he worked in a medical supply store, where he not only carried out running and walking analyses, but also installed bike fitting as a service offer. Now he brings these skills to full effect at HYCYS in Munich. Dominik is the interface between athlete and equipment – and places athletes on the bike in such an individual and precise way that they get the most out of their performance.

But Dominik does not only like to put others on their bikes, but also loves a good ride himself – when he’s not swimming or running. The triathlete, who is as passionate as he is fun-oriented, already finished Olympic and half-distance races several times. Next goal: long-distance triathlon. Just do it, Dominik!

Dominik – in brief

Team member since: 2019

To be found in: Munich

Focus: BikeFitting

BikeFitting par excellence with Domink: no problem. We answer all your questions about our fitting offers.

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