Pushing Watts on the Road
– BikeFittings at HYCYS

Can you deliver your full performance when riding on tarmac or gravel? To prevent precious watts from being wasted on the bike, the interaction between athlete, equipment and bike must be right.

A riding position that is too stretched out, cleats that sit in the wrong place on the shoe, a saddle that is too high or too low – all this can not only cause pain in the neck, feet, knees or buttocks, but also unnecessarily reduce the power you put on the pedal.

In order to transform you and your bike into a painlessly and efficiently working unit, we optimize your riding position in our laboratories in Cologne, Hamburg and Munich. In doing so we go far beyond the principle of “taking a close look” and cooperate with the worldwide probably most important brand in terms of measurement technology and bike fitting know-how: gebioMized.

In the course of a bike fitting we determine your mobility and stability by means of a short physical check-up. Then we analyze how you move on the bike – dynamically by means of a state-of-the-art video method, supplemented by pressure measurements at the contact points saddle, feet and – with triathletes and time trial riders – also at the arm pads.

Our bike fitting labs (gebioMized concept labs) offer the highest standard of measurement technology and are also equipped with bike accessories that may help to significantly improve your position. Our bike fitters have quite a number of different saddles, stems and shoes at their disposal which help them to optimize your riding position. On demand, we create custom-made products such as saddles or insoles, too, to optimize further details.

In addition to their sports science know-how our bike fitters also have several years of experience in their craft. They are willing and able to answer all of your questions concerning your position and will accompany you on your way to a comfortable, stable and fast riding position. During the bike fitting process, they will adjust your position step by step and check again and again by means of analysis software and your feedback whether the respective change had the desired effect. The specific requirements you have with regard to your riding position in training and in competition are always considered, too. A cross rider has other needs than a road biker and a mountain biker will have other requirements than a triathlete.

If you have not yet found the optimal position on your saddle, if you slide back and forth on it or even feel pain, or if you want to optimize your position in order keep an aerodynamic position longer and ride faster, then contact us and talk to our fitting experts!

You’ll find our bikefittings in triathlon here, our bikefittings in cycling here.

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